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The Value of Self Worth
The glimmer in his eye says it all.

Staff Teaching

These teaching materials are available here to download. Links that are active should appear in orange. Form names written in blue will be available soon.

QoLI-401 Teaching Curriculum for the QoCL Mentor
QoLI-402 Teaching Curriculum for the QoML Mentor


Initial Teaching: Financial Perspective

Flowchart of Services

Funding Sources


Managing Individuals’ Financials

Managing Office Budget


Billing and Re-billing

Autism Services

Initial Teaching: Internal Process Perspective

Accountability Checklist

Mentoring Paperwork

Paperwork processing


Payday Protocol

Office Procedure

Policy and Procedure Highlights

Initial Teaching: Stakeholder Perspective

PCP/ISP and the QoL Plan

Resources at the Individual’s Residence

Interacting with Stakeholders/Building Relationships

IDT Celebrations

Incident Reporting

Risk Management

Initial Teaching: Learning and Growth Perspective

Gentle Teaching/Mentoring

Personal Teaching Plan

Weekly Office CCCs/Weekly Schedule

QoLI-410 Monthly Office Calendar Study Guide

Technology Teaching

Macintosh Teaching

Enrichment Teaching

Gentle Teaching/Mentoring

The QoL Model

QoLI Direct Service Worker Licensing Procedure & Crewmember Portfolio

Hiring Protocol


Marketing Our Services & Finding (and keeping) Caregivers

Office Committees

Assistive Technology

QoLI-412 QoCL Flowchart
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