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The Value of Self Worth
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Practicum Teaching

These teaching materials are available here to download. Links that are active should appear in orange. Form names written in blue will be available soon.


How to Build a Practicum Teaching Book


QoLI-101 Protocol for Assembling a Practicum Teaching Book
QoLI-102 Protocol for Navigating the Practicum
QoLI-103 Practicum Teaching Logs
QoLI-105 Practicum Teaching Book Cover and Introduction
QoLI-106 Practicum Teaching Book Section Cover Pages
QoLI-107 Practicum Teaching Book Spine
QoLI-110 Rights and Responsibilities Study Guide
QoLI-112 Communication Study Guide
QoLI-114 Medication Administration Manual
QoLI-115 Medication Administration Study Guide
QoLI-117 Emergency Management Manual
QoLI-118 Emergency Management Study Guide
QoLI-120 Incident Reporting Reference Sheet
QoLI-121 Incident Reporting Study Guide
QoLI-123 Infection Control Study Guide
QoLI-125 Person Centered Planning Study Guide
QoLI-127 Paperwork Storage Protocols Study Guide
QoLI-129 ISP Teaching Study Guide
QoLI-140 Practicum Exam (Form A)
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