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The Value of Self Worth
The glimmer in his eye says it all.

Office Teaching

These teaching materials are available here to download. Links that are active should appear in orange. Form names written in blue will be available soon.

QoLI-301 Gentle Teaching navigator protocol
QoLI-302 Quality of Life navigator protocol
QoLI-303 Office Teaching teaching logs
QoLI-305 Office Teaching book cover
QoLI-307 Office Teaching Book Spine
QoLI-308 The Globe Star Mission study guide
QoLI-309 Gentle Teaching Welcome Sheet
QoLI-310 Dick and Rick Hoyt study guide
QoLI-312 Terry's Story study guide
QoLI-313 Terry's Story Navigator manual
QoLI-314 Our Tools role play sheet
QoLI-315 Our Tools reference sheet
QoLI-316 Personal Teaching Plan study guide
QoLI-318 Tony's Stories study guide
QoLI-319 Tony's Stories navigator manual
QoLI-321 Mending the Broken Heart, Ch 1 study guide
QoLI-329 Flowchart of Services reference sheet
QoLI-330 Flowchart of Services study guide
QoLI-331 Flowchart of Services quiz
QoLI-332 QoL Model navigator manual
QoLI-333 QoL Model study guide
QoLI-334 QoL Model reference sheet
QoLI-335 QoL Model quiz
QoLI-337 Framework of Teaching manual
QoLI-338 Framework of Teaching quiz
QoLI-339 Framework of Teaching quiz master
QoLI-340 Writing about QoL study guide
QoLI-341 Sample Daily QoL Sheet
QoLI-345 Word Choice cheat sheet
QoLI-347 The Daytimer study guide
QoLI-348 Daytimer teaching sample - 11x17
QoLI-349 Daytimer teaching sample - cutouts
QoLI-350 Elements of Companionship reference sheet
QoLI-351 Elements of Companionship study guide
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