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Just as we value, teach, and protect the Individual who receives services, we must do the same for the Caregiver who provides those services.

The Caregiver's QoL

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The Quality of Life Institute oversees the teaching of crewmembers for Globe Star, LLC. All caregivers are expected to complete the following:

  • Initial Teaching
    • QoL-044 – Competencies for a Direct Service Worker — Practicum
    • QoL-039 – Competencies for a Direct Service Worker — Office Teaching
    • QoL-033 – Individualized Support Plan Teaching (for each Individual being served)
  • The Personal Teaching Plan for the Individual
  • Crewmember’s Portfolio

The Crewmember must also fulfill basic State requirements for direct care staff (460 IAC 6-14-5):

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate adequately in order to: a. Complete required forms and reports of visits; and b. Follow oral or written instructions.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to provide services according to the individual’s ISP;
  4. Demonstrate willingness to accept supervision; and
  5. Demonstrate an interest in and empathy for individuals.

Crewmember Licensing

The Vision Community established the Globe Star Professional Standards Board (GSPSB) in 2003. The purpose of the GSPSB is to govern the preparation and licensing of Globe Star’s professional crewmembers.

The mission of the Globe Star Professional Standards Board is to enhance the quality of life for individuals receiving services through establishing, maintaining, and ensuring adherence to performance-based standards for Globe Star’s professionals throughout their careers.

In 2003, the GSPSB adopted standards for crewmembers. This framework provides the standards for effective practices for Globe Star professionals, throughout their preparation and career. The level of proficiency expected, however, will become more comprehensive and more skillful at each successive stage of the crewmember’s career.

These standards provide a strong linkage to individuals receiving services through Globe Star. Once the standards were adopted, a model for assessing the crewmember’s practices that exemplifies those standards was initiated. A portfolio prototype was designed by the GSPSB to assess crewmember’s performances in specific content areas. These standards based portfolios are performance assessments, which demonstrate the crewmember’s knowledge and skill level within the context of their own work environment.

After receiving an Initial Practitioner Permit, beginning crewmembers will submit their portfolio at three months. The portfolio will include evidence regarding the framework of the personal teaching lesson planning, work and assessments from individuals receiving our services, and teaching. This information is collected from an entire quality of life framework or topic of instruction.

The standards and assessments for preparing and licensing crewmembers are purposefully linked to each other and to standards and assessments by individuals receiving services validating increased learning. For this reason, the GSPSB believes that Globe Star will have crewmembers who are effective in helping all individuals learn.



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