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Just as we value, teach, and protect the Individual who receives services, we must do the same for the Caregiver who provides those services.

The Journal of Gentleness

The Journal of Gentleness is an interdisciplinary forum for those interested in promoting a spirit of gentleness towards others. It is associated with the Quality of Life Institute and will publish material of interest to persons who are involved in Gentle Teaching, as well as other movements of gentleness in our society. The Journal will focus on the marginalized and disenfranchised of society, including but not limited to those with developmental disabilities.

Topics of Interest
The editorial board particularly seeks submissions on the following topics:

  • Research on the practice of gentleness and Gentle Teaching
  • Innovative ideas and techniques in the practice of gentleness
  • Gentleness and social policy
  • Advancement in the theory and practice of gentleness
  • Viewpoints on gentleness and its practice
  • Reviews, book reviews, letters, and commentaries relevant to gentleness and Gentle Teaching
  • Reviews, book reviews, letters and commentaries relevant to autism, developmental disabilities and other disabilities

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