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Just as we value, teach, and protect the Individual who receives services, we must do the same for the Caregiver who provides those services.
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Quality of Life Institute

Affliated with Globe Star, LLC, The Quality of Life Institute works to enhance the Quality of Life of Caregivers -- people who provide care and companionship to Individuals with disabilities. We believe that Caregivers must feel valued if they are to value the Individuals they serve.

Current programs and future plans include:

  • Production of a complete intitial teaching curriculum for agencies training Caregivers, providing all essential information, while stressing the relationship-based approach Gentle Teaching
  • Production of teaching materials (manuals, study guides, videos, role play activities, etc) to enact this curriculum
  • On-going teaching sessions for Caregivers
  • Licensing of Caregivers
  • Stipends for further education
  • Collaboration with local universities for certificates and continuing education units
  • Journal of Gentleness
  • Research in the areas of Gentle Teaching.

The Quality of Life Institute
621 Broadway
Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: 219-921-5492
Fax: 219-921-0143
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